Midgets [5th – 8th Grade]

Midget season starting 3 May 2019

Monday Training (Starts 29 April):
Grades 5/6 – 4:45pm – 5:30pm
Grades 7/8 – 5:45pm – 6:30pm
Friday night games (Starts 3 May):
Game rules:
Maximum 5 a side – squad is ideally 5-7 players so that there can be player rotation and accommodation for illness/absence
Teams will play with a size 3 ball
Games are played on a 1/8th size pitch
If the score is getting too lopsided please swap some players around – scores aren’t kept so no need to completely thrash the opposition
Each grade will play 2 x 20 minute game with a 5 minute gap to rotate fields.
Grades 5/6 will kick off at 5:30
Grades 7/8 will kick off at 6:30
One parent required to help out on the field during the game and one per side to assist with rolling subs on and off as required to ensure all players get a fair amount of game time.
Prizegiving will follow the final game for each grade in the clubrooms.
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A game is started with a kick to a team mate from the middle of the halfway line. The opposition must be 5m away from the ball at this time. In order to score a goal from kick off it must touch someone else on the field before entering the goal. When a goal is scored, play is restarted at the halfway line with the side conceding the goal taking the kick off as per the start of play.


A goal is scored when the whole ball crosses the line. Goals can only be scored from the opposition’s half as there are no goal keepers.


There is no offside rule in Fun Football. Players should be discouraged from permanently standing in blatant offside positions.


There are no throw ins. The ball is to be kicked or dribbled into play from behind the touchline. To ensure players have as much contact with the ball as possible, players have approximately three seconds to recommence the play from a restart.
The defending team should be retreat to 5m away from the ball until play is restarted. The ball must touch someone else on the field before a goal can be scored.


There are no corner kicks. Regardless of which team touched the ball last, a player from the team whose goal line the ball has crossed will place the ball anywhere along the goal line and pass or dribble the ball into play. Opponents must retreat to the half way line and can move once the ball is in play. The ball must touch someone else on the field before a goal can be scored.


Most acts of handball or fouls and misconduct at this level are caused by accident and with little intent. In this case try and give the advantage to the attacking team and continue play. If you decide a deliberate or serious act of handball, foul or misconduct has occurred, explain to the child how they have broken the rules and that they should try not do this again.

Indirect free kicks are awarded for acts of handball or fouls and misconduct (An indirect free kick is where a goal can be scored only if the ball subsequently touches another player before it enters the goal). Opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball when the indirect free kick is taken.


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Please contact the club if you have any questions.
To contact the Glenfield Rovers office, click HERE.